-“A Fresh Anointing”


Here’s some great thoughts from Pastor Mark Batterson:

“The longer I preach the more cognizant I am of this fact: my words don’t mean anything without the quickening of the Holy Spirit. I’d rather have people hear one word from the Lord than a thousand of my sermons!
My prayer coming into 2009 was simply this: a greater anointing. Honestly, I don’t even know what that means or how it happens. Just keeping it real. But I know I want it and need it. And I feel it. I preach with more conviction now than I did six months ago.”

Response: Praise God! That is what I call an encouraging word in these troubled times—more of the Lord, more of his anointing, more of his Holy Spirit, more of HIS word. Rejoice! This is exactly what the whole American Church needs.         

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