-Celebrity Preachers? -We Still Have A Long Way to Go In America

The latest Fire In My Bones article ( Fri. July 27, 2007) from J. Lee Grady is a must read: “The Deadly Virus of Celebrity Christianity”:

Paul and Barnabas and later Silas use to walk from town to town and were known to even work occasionally to support themselves. Jail was more often than not their reward for preaching in their ‘marketplace’ conferences. Now in 21th century USA, those who consider themselves ‘more than Apostles’ demand worship, 5 star hotels, luxury cars to drive, and manicurists?

That the Charismatic/Pentecostal community puts up with such as these is more than I can bear. It is almost enough to make me wish that I was a cessassionist. Where are all the humble servants of the Lord? How long will the Lord suffer such idiocy in his name? I believe that judgment is on the way for such as these. Hear me now! Along with revival comes judgment for all unfaithful servants.

J. Lee Grady ends his article with the following:

New Testament Christianity is humble, selfless and authentic. And those who carry the truth don’t preach for selfish gain or to meet an emotional need for attention. May God help us root out the false apostles and false teachers who are making the American church sick with their man-centered, money-focused heresies.

May the Lord bring revival to this land and save his church from all the egotistical man-centered so-called ministers. Lord, let all the humble servants that you have prepared to finally rise to the top and have their day in the sun.

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