-Egypt: A Kentucky Fried Miracle?


Nearly 10,000 attended a pastor’s conference in Cairo, Egypt conducted by evangelist Marilyn Hickey (From Charisma Mag-Link NLA). That in itself was said to be a miracle—the largest gathering of Christians ever in this ancient city.

However, a miracle of the Biblical kind occurred during lunch. 3,500 boxed-lunches from KFC were ordered, delivered to the conference, and distributed to the crowd. But there were far more in attendance than they had prepared for. Another 2,400 were supplied with box lunches that miraculously appeared out of nowhere:

After the food was completely distributed, and after the crowd swelled to about 5,000, she said volunteers were astonished to return to what should’ve been a room of empty tables to discover 1,200 more lunches. She said after they handed out the mysterious extras, another 1,200 appeared, leaving a surplus of food and dumbfounded witnesses. Hickey’s staff called it a “loaves and fishes” miracle.

“I am fully convinced that this was a supernatural occurrence,” Hickey told Charisma.

“It is something I have believed to see on my ministry and am overjoyed that it happened.”

The miracle was observed and verified by Egyptian and even non-Christians sources—the lunches were handed out by local volunteers and left everyone involved including many non-Christians marveling at what had happened. 

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