-Georgia: Minister Prays Dead Man Back to Life


Read this incredible story from CBN:

Dr. Kellie Agueze personally knows that God can change any situation. As a full-time minister, she spends hours warring for nations in prayer, encouraging millions of followers on social media with the Word of God, prophesying to others, and sharing the Gospel message all over the world.

Yet, the most profound miracle she’s ever witnessed happened recently in a small church in Roswell, Georgia. …

I immediately put on my nurse practitioner hat and checked his pulse…NOTHING. The gentleman was LIFELESS, COLD, SLUMPED OVER— DEAD,” she described in a Facebook post. …

“I made the decision that I had no choice but to raise him from the dead,” she said. “I have to bring this man back to life.”

She called out to onlookers asking what was his name. His wife identified the man as Stephen Ihenacho.

“I grabbed Stephen’s head and upper body and I prayed with a fervency I’d never experienced before and then I said ‘Stephen you get back here! Come back to life! You will not die today,” she shared.

Then the impossible happened. Within seconds the man started to blink his eyes and his pulse returned.

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Response: Note that Dr. Kellie Agueze is not only a minister but a nurse practitioner by trade and surely knows when someone is dead. An Incredible story and this time in the USA.

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