-God Moving in Tiny Kentucky Town

Small Town Kentucky

Slaughters, Kentucky, (pop. 186) is experiencing an unusual move of God. It started with unrest at the local High School but now sees up to 300 coming to Church youth services and 87 have been saved with 53 baptism so far. Here’s the story from CBN:

According to Tyler Feller, the church’s part-time teaching pastor, …They began praying for a meaningful breakthrough during the upcoming youth event focused on teaching the foundations of faith.

In a series of emails with CBN News, Feller shared that the church has since seen a youth revival that began on Sept. 15. The scheduled event has morphed into what is now known as the Unashamed Kentucky Youth Revival.

There have also been reports of high school students worshipping together before school, and writing Bible verses on Post-It notes, leaving them to encourage their fellow students.  Photos have also been posted to social media of teenagers at various locations in the small town holding up signs to passing vehicles that read, “Jesus Loves You,” “Jesus Christ is Lord,” and “Jesus Died for You.”

“I have spoken at hundreds of youth events and led very large youth ministries, but I have never seen anything quite like this,” Feller told CBN News.

Response: Revival and moves of God are beginning to happen all over America, especially among the youth.

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