-Greenland: A Sovereign Work Among the Inuit


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Greenland is that big island on the world map in the north between Canada and Iceland. The land mass is huge but only 58,000 or so live there and most of them are native Inuit (88%), many of which have immigrated from Canadian islands.

There has been a Christian mission there for over 40 years with very little success. Now God is reaching out to the Inuit people and for the first time ever they are now beginning to outnumber the Europeans in church. A remarkable story:

God’s Love Melting Hearts in Icy Greenland

Response: Another people and nation where God is sovereignly moving and calling out and harvesting his people.

It occurs to me that this might be just the beginning. After a strong core of Inuit Christians are established in Greenland then the islands and north country of Canada could be next. It is really remarkable that a brother from Singapore is instrumental in this move.

Look for the Asian Church, especially the Chinese and Korean Christians, to rise up and bring revival all around the world. Particularly in places where Americans and Europeans are not able to go or not all that welcome.           

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