-One More Look at Lakeland?


(-Todd Bentley via Wikipedia)

Here’s a link to one more article by J. Lee Grady about Lakeland (Link NLA): 

“20/20 Hindsight: What I Hope We Learned From the Lakeland Revival”

Grady lists a few points that he hopes that we can agree on.  Some lessons he hopes we have learned from the Lakeland experience:

Lesson #1: Accountability. Accountability. Accountability.

Lesson #2: The one-man show is over.

Lesson #3: Chill out.

Lesson #4: Character is more important than anointing.

Lesson #5: Lay hands on no man quickly.

Lesson #6: You can’t have revival without repentance.

He also provides a link to a new statement (Nov.28) by the directors of Fresh Fire Ministries on Todd Bentley.

Response: Re: #1,2,and 6 –I am in total agreement with. Re: #4 -Character is just as important as an anointing. However, God has used flawed servants to do incredible ministries in the past. Re: #5 -Todd was not new to ministry, he had been ministering with a healing anointing for quite a few years. Who gave Todd the anointing in the first place?

The greatest disappointment to me was that it remained a one-man show that fell apart when the one man fell. I had hoped that it would just be the beginning of a move that would spread across the country and that thousands of unknown leaders would take it to another level. 

The statement by Fresh Fire is sad to say the least. We need to continue to remember Todd and particularly his family in our prayers. 

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