– Significance of the Biblical New Year -A Time For Introspection and Change

The high holy days of the Jewish calendar began at sundown Friday 9/22/06 -Rosh Hashanah and continue through nightfall on October 2-Yom Kippur. You ask, what significance does this has for Christians? The Jewish calendar is Biblical and God still seems to honor it in many ways.

The Biblical name for Rosh Hashanah is ‘Yom Ha-Zakkaron’ meaning: “The Day of Remembrance”, it is the start of a 9 day period in the Biblical (Jewish) calendar when the people of God are called upon to look at their lives and inspect the way that they lived during the year just ending. On ‘Yom Kippur’: “The Day of Atonement”, Jewish folk traditionally repent and ask for God’s forgiveness and look forward to making changes for the better in the new year.

Many Christians find that the Holy Spirit seems to call us to look at our lives and make changes especially during this time of year. Most of us have thought that it is because of the change of seasons with the kids going back to school, and the changes that fall brings to church activities and ministries. Changes in ministry for me always seem to take place around October, I use to think that it had to do with my birthday coming in that month. Lately, I have come to realize that the Lord always seems to call me to make changes during this time of year, and that it may be connected with the Biblical New Year.

I have heard from a number of prophetic people (those involved in some kind of prophetic ministry) that this time of the year seems to be a time of evaluation for them; a time when they go ‘under the shepherd’s rod’ and their ministry is tested. While everyday of the year is a good time for Christians to look at their lives, repent, and make changes. The Biblical New Year is an especially good season for it.

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