-What I’m Looking For: A ‘Red Letter’ Awakening

What I’m looking for is a new ‘red letter’ awakening to spread across our land.

In the 70’s we had the ‘Jesus people’ move out here in California that spread across the whole country particularly among the young people. The emphasis was on salvation and Jesus coming back soon for his church.

In the 90’s in Toronto and at Brownsville in Florida it was the ‘Fathers Love’ which flowed into the churches and touched the lives of millions.

For nearly the entire 20th century beginning with Azusa Street in LA the emphasis was on reviving the work of the Holy Spirit and brings back all of the gifts and offices to the church. That one is still ongoing.

Nearly 500 years ago the Reformation began with Luther posting 95 Theses on a church door. That move was directed towards getting back to the Bible and making it available to everyone. There was an emphasis on Salvation by Grace, right theology, and the Letters of Paul.

Each one of these revivals brought back something that was missing in the church at the time.

Now I believe that we are soon going to experience a new ‘Jesus’ revival.

The Holy Spirit, the Father, and The Word has been brought back to the church. Even an expectation for Jesus coming back for his church is alive and well.

Now it is time for the Church to stand up and be the ‘Body of Christ’ to the world.

I believe that a new awakening is coming when the very words and teachings of Jesus in the Bible will be enlivened in a special way and leap right off of the page into the lives of Millions across our land. A move when Jesus will come to his church in a special intimate way and cause the church to stand up and be the representative of Christ and His Kingdom in the world.

The prophets said that The Messiah would bring justice and good news for the sick, the poor, the oppressed, and the enslaved in this life. That is the calling of the church also—to be the Body of the Messiah in the world.

For too long the church has relegated the good news of the Kingdom to the hereafter and the future. Now it is time for the church to stand up and bring The Kingdom to bare in this world just as Jesus taught us to pray: ”Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”.

The Church is called to be agents of justice in this world and ambassadors or practitioners of the Kingdom of God in this life and the life to come.

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