-2007: A Year of ‘Inconvenient Truth’ for the American Church

2007 was one of those years which will live in infamy in the American Christian community. I will not dredge up and detail all the negative stuff that happened in the American Church. The year began with all of us looking and hoping for revival but soon it became obvious that the Lord had different plans for year 2007. 

Everything and everyone in the church that could be shaken was (well maybe not everything yet). Major leaders were exposed, many were brought down, and many obviously should have been. Major ministries brought under investigation. Ministers that should have probably resigned didn’t. The Church was embarrassed in a major way or at least should have been.

Response: Let truth reign. The church should never be afraid of the truth but welcome it. It should never hide from the truth but delight in it. Sometimes it was very hard to delight in some of the truth that was exposed about us in 2007.  However, the Gospel is still true and our Lord is still “the Truth, the way, and the life.”

Praise the Lord even for the inconvenient and embarrassing truths that rained upon the American church in 2007.

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