-Have Faith in God’s Ability to Lead

This is today’s devotional from Charisma mag.” Bread of Heaven“, you can sign up to receive daily devotionals here. I found this message from Wesley Campbell to be a particular blessing—enjoy!:

Have Faith in God’s Ability to Lead

Today’s message is from Wesley Campbell.

Pastor John Arnott recently told me an encouraging story. He met an Indian pastor named John Babu who asked Arnott to come and speak at his churches in Madras, India. Babu’s testimony is most interesting.

Years ago he was dying of a liver disease, and there did not appear to be any hope left. As a Hindu, Babu went to the Hindu temple to seek help from the many thousands of gods in which they believe. But nothing had been working.
Finally in desperation he looked up and prayed piteously, “Surely there is one of you up there who can help me. Please heal me, and I will serve you forever.” His reasoning was like the Athenians who had an altar with the inscription, “To the unknown God.” Afraid of missing a deity, Babu invited any god to answer his prayer for healing.

In an instant Jesus appeared to him in the midst of the Hindu temple and said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Lovingly Jesus reached out and touched his body. Immediately Babu was healed.

In gratitude and worship, Babu became a follower of Jesus Christ. He has since gone out and started more than five hundred churches.

Today we have Christians telling other Christians to be careful when praying at the altar for the filling of the Holy Spirit. “You never know which spirit will fill you or answer your prayer,” they warn. We need to have more faith in God’s ability to lead us than fear of Satan’s power to deceive us, especially when our prayers are directed to the one true God!

Lord, forgive me for living as if the devil has more power than You do.

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