-We Believe; Help Our Unbelief!

This week while reading in Mark I came across the story of the boy with an unclean spirit that the disciples could not cast out while Jesus was in the mountains praying (Mark 9:14-29). What really leaped out at me was the response of the Father after Jesus says- “All things are possible for one who believes”:

“I believe; help my unbelief!”

It was like trumpets were sounding and God was obviously trying to get my attention. Then the thought clearly came to me that this should be one of the key scriptures that I remember and repeat during my prayers this coming year.

I do believe everything in the bible and I have experienced and participated in numerous healings and miracles in my life but they are still the exceptions rather than the rule. When I pray for someone and they receive healing I am still surprised. Thankful but pleasantly surprised. Sort of like the folks praying for Peter to be released from prison and then when he actually knocked on the door they were shocked.

I also believe that I am not alone; that this is where the American church is right now at the close of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. We believe in the miracles of the Bible and all of the healings that Jesus performed. Most of us believe that God can still do those things today but we call them ‘supernatural’ and view them as exceptions in the ‘normal’ life of the American Christian and the church. There are even some of our brothers and sisters who believe that God stopped doing that stuff once the Bible was completed.

That’s why I believe that we should be praying this year for the entire America church (every faithful part of it) and pray for a new awakening, a new sovereign work of God, a new reformation of the church, and revival:

“We believe; help our unbelief!”

I do believe that it is already here and coming to a church near you. We just need help to dial up our faith and receive. 

-Burkina Faso: Deaf Hear and Blind See


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A short report by from the Christ for All Nations’ Gospel Campaign in the Central African nation of Burkina Faso with Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda:

“The Holy Spirit was poured out on the multitude in a mass baptism of fire! Dramatic signs and wonders accompanied the preaching of gospel.”

“An old mama who was totally blind for two years received her sight. A woman with a lump in each of her breasts, said that during the prayer both lumps vanished. A totally deaf woman was also completely healed along with another blind girl.”

Saturday morning marked the grand finale of the Fire Conference. Peter van den Berg preached with Kolenda following. Before he could take the microphone, Kolenda says the Holy Spirit was already falling.

“We just took our hands off the ‘reigns’ and let the Holy Spirit have His way.  It was glorious!”

Response: Just a reminder that revival is going on all over the world. Also, genuine signs and wonders and healing attend those genuine moves of God and thousands are coming to Christ. 

One wonders how America would respond to a genuine revival? I am increasingly believing that this country will never be the same unless a new awakening breaks out across America.  

-God’s Healing Power in Asian Village


Here’s another one of those encouraging testimonies from indigenous missionaries supported by the Gospel for Asia. This is the story of Mihir Gavde whose church has made considerable headway in bringing folks to Christ in his village through a number of miraculous healings. Read the account, it will encourage and empower your own faith.

…and the Blind See!

Pastor Mike mentioned this during the morning service at VCC today:

At Bethel Church:

“A man came to be baptized at church last night. He was completely blind. As soon as he came out of the water, he began to see! After additional prayer, he began describing what he saw. He could read the signs in the hallway!”

Response: There’s a life changing event both in time and eternity-Praise the Lord.

Can’t tell you how many hundreds of folks are healed through their ministry there in Redding CA . Thousands if you include the Healing Rooms International ministry which was started by one of their Elders.

Hear about it all of the time since they are kind of a ‘sister’ church to ours. Last time our youth got together with theirs on a trip to Mexico it took several hours in a service at VCC to tell about all of the healings and miracle

-Remembering Oral Roberts…


I remember watching Oral Roberts on a 10” black and white TV screen as a kid in the 50’s and wanting to grow up as a preacher/healer just like him.

I get choked up all over again watching this video. Unless you lived in the early 50’s you really don’t have any idea how really terrifying polio was in those days. Thousands of kids were on crutches in America and there was no medical answers for it until the shots came along in the mid 50’s.

Oral was one of the last of the Pentecostal healing/revival evangelists that toured across America preaching in tents after WWII. He was the among first to take it to the next level with a regular program on the new TV media that soon was in every home across the country.

All the recent controversy with his son and all the stuff the media and late night comedians have said about him and a 900’ Jesus sort a makes us forget what a blessing his ministry was to millions of Americans in the 50’s and 60’s. Really the first major national TV evangelist and one which helped to take Pentecostalism from the other side of the tracks to the main street in America.

Here’s a statement made by Billy Graham in memory of Oral:

“Oral Roberts was a man of God, and a great friend in ministry. I loved him as a brother.”

Graham also told reporters that he had spoken to Oral Roberts three weeks ago by phone, and that Roberts had told him then that his “life’s journey” was nearly over.

-An Incredible Creative Miracle

Here’s the testimony of an incredible ‘creative miracle’. A creative miracle is when God does the impossible and re-grows dead or missing tissue-like a missing arm or in this case replaces dead lung tissue.

This is the story of a little boy named Jacob who was one day in bed with life threatening lung disease and cardio complications and the next weekend boogie boarding at the beach on a fine warm Southern California spring day.

It is also a praise report of provision for the whole family during the crisis, and a story of unseen prayers of regular folks like you praying for healing and provision. The following is a first-hand account from Jacob’s mother:


Jacob had his appointment with the Pulmonologist this morning at CHOC.  Dr. Y. was STUNNED by the incredible difference in his CT Scan!!!!

The prior CT Scan showed his left lung was 90% filled with Nasty Battle-Droids…I mean Pneumatoceles.  The Doctors could not see ANY healthy lung tissue.  They “hoped” if they did surgery to remove the dead lung tissue and the HUGE Pneumatoceles they may be able to salvage a portion of his lung and healthy lung tissue “might” re-grow. 

Also, the border of Jacob’s lung was so damaged that it was allowing his lung to push into his heart causing pain.  The Doctor’s were worried that Jacob’s dead left lung would damage his healthy heart.  That is why then called the heart and lung surgical expert, Dr. Palafox.  If they were removing the lung and the heart had been compromised he would be the best man to take care of them both while he was inside Jacob’s chest.  They planned to remove the “dead-lung” to save the heart.  You have two lungs and can live with only one…the heart is a non-negotiable. 

The healthy lung tissue is now THERE and the Pneumatoceles are NOT!!

God did not need to wait for surgery to clear anything out of His way… He just created NEW HEALTHY lung tissue just like HE did when he formed Jacob’s lungs originally 8-years ago!!  The border of Jacob’s lung is now strong and his heart is not being touched in any way.  Praise GOD!!

<<Read the rest of this incredible testimony>>

-Have Faith in God’s Ability to Lead

This is today’s devotional from Charisma mag.” Bread of Heaven“, you can sign up to receive daily devotionals here. I found this message from Wesley Campbell to be a particular blessing—enjoy!:

Have Faith in God’s Ability to Lead

Today’s message is from Wesley Campbell.

Pastor John Arnott recently told me an encouraging story. He met an Indian pastor named John Babu who asked Arnott to come and speak at his churches in Madras, India. Babu’s testimony is most interesting.

Years ago he was dying of a liver disease, and there did not appear to be any hope left. As a Hindu, Babu went to the Hindu temple to seek help from the many thousands of gods in which they believe. But nothing had been working.
Finally in desperation he looked up and prayed piteously, “Surely there is one of you up there who can help me. Please heal me, and I will serve you forever.” His reasoning was like the Athenians who had an altar with the inscription, “To the unknown God.” Afraid of missing a deity, Babu invited any god to answer his prayer for healing.

In an instant Jesus appeared to him in the midst of the Hindu temple and said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Lovingly Jesus reached out and touched his body. Immediately Babu was healed.

In gratitude and worship, Babu became a follower of Jesus Christ. He has since gone out and started more than five hundred churches.

Today we have Christians telling other Christians to be careful when praying at the altar for the filling of the Holy Spirit. “You never know which spirit will fill you or answer your prayer,” they warn. We need to have more faith in God’s ability to lead us than fear of Satan’s power to deceive us, especially when our prayers are directed to the one true God!

Lord, forgive me for living as if the devil has more power than You do.

-A Divine Appointment For Healing-A Personal Testimony

As I went out my front door Monday morning headed for work, I was discouraged and conflicted. I was thinking, “I should have gone to church yesterday and got prayer, I don’t feel any better and yet here I am going to work”. I had been sick for 2 1/2 weeks with pneumonia, gone to the doctor twice and the medicine didn’t seem to be helping. I was really weak, kept on trying to work, crashed and did nothing on the weekends, missed church two weeks in a row. Yet, here I was going out the door headed for work.

I looked up, as I was almost to my van parked on the street, and I could not believe my eyes! Here right in front of me was a couple taking their morning walk. Not just any couple, but a couple who are in charge of one of the ‘healing rooms’ at our church. I had no idea that they lived close by. I immediately blurted out “could you pray for me?” They looked up with a confused look on their faces at first. After five minutes or so of prayer in the street, I went on my way to work praising God and convinced that I was healed.

Ten minutes down the road I started feeling a whole lot worse. I was hacking, coughing, and wheezing up big globs of stuff, getting weaker by the second, and I couldn’t stop coughing. Disappointedly I remarked, “Lord, I thought you would heal me!”. Then came a clear word into my mind: “Yes, but I have to clear out your lungs first”. After that, I cooperated with the hacking and praised God in the midst of it.

I started gaining strength in the afternoon, in the midst of working a very full and strenuous day. In the evening I was nearly back to normal, and by the next morning it was finally behind me. Praise God.