…and the Blind See!

Pastor Mike mentioned this during the morning service at VCC today:

At Bethel Church:

“A man came to be baptized at church last night. He was completely blind. As soon as he came out of the water, he began to see! After additional prayer, he began describing what he saw. He could read the signs in the hallway!”

Response: There’s a life changing event both in time and eternity-Praise the Lord.

Can’t tell you how many hundreds of folks are healed through their ministry there in Redding CA . Thousands if you include the Healing Rooms International ministry which was started by one of their Elders.

Hear about it all of the time since they are kind of a ‘sister’ church to ours. Last time our youth got together with theirs on a trip to Mexico it took several hours in a service at VCC to tell about all of the healings and miracle

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