-Exorcism for Today?

This last week Roman Catholic authorities in America were gathered together in a conference on Exorcism noting that the ministry had declined considerably in America.

The meeting, was held in Baltimore with over fifty bishops and sixty priests in attendance discussing and learning the procedures of the Catholic ‘Rite of Exorcism’.

Dr. Albert Mohler (President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) responded on his blog with his views on Exorcism and why ‘evangelicals’ don’t have a ‘rite of exorcism’ in the following article:  “On Exorcism and Exorcists: An Evangelical View

Here’s the money quote from the article:

“We should respect the power of the Devil and his demons, but never fear them. We do not need a rite of exorcism, only the name of Jesus. We are not given a priesthood of exorcists — for every believer is armed with the full promise of the Gospel, united with Christ by faith, and indwelt by the Holy Spirit.”

Response: I respect Dr. Mohler and normally agree with him on most issues. I even met him at a blogging conference several years ago. However on this issue he came up short as far as I am concerned. 

He acknowledged that Jesus and the Apostles cast out demons but really didn’t seem to consider any special attention to it as necessary today.

I know that in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles there are those who specialize in Spiritual warfare and casting out demons. Dr. Mohler didn’t say that ‘exorcism isn’t for today’ but from my perspective seemed to imply it.

What do you think?

I have participated in praying for folks and casting out demons in the past and have some incredible, exhilarating, and chilling memories of the experience.  One thing I know is true- the ‘name of Jesus’ is above any other name.           

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