-8.9 a Sign of the Times?

The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan is one of the largest recorded in history. I have heard it referred to several times as an event of Biblical proportions. Is the earthquake also a ‘sign of the times’?


But it depends on what you mean by that. Is it a sign of the ‘last days’? That remains to be seen however it is a ‘sign of the times’ that we are currently going through for sure.

Everything that is happening in the world right now is exceptional or unique. No one can explain the convergence of economical and political upheaval along with some of the greatest natural disasters the world has ever known.

Is this God’s judgment or is the enemy at the bottom of it all or a combination? Some prophetic folks are referring to all of it as ‘the perfect storm’.

Most prophetic people are saying that everything right now is being shaken that can be shaken. In that sense the 8.9 earthquake is a natural sign for what is taking place. Economies, political structures, alliances, churches, religions, and cultures –everything is being turned upside down and up for grabs.

Lately a lot of prophetical words to God’s faithful have been warnings that it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. How much worse? A lot depends upon the prayers of His people. I don’t know what is is like where you are but out here we are receiving a definite call to prayer. Our church is right now trying to set up 24 hour prayer. As it stands now just a few hours in the middle of the night will probably not be covered.

Now For The Good Part

Our enemy has his plans but so does our God. Remember the word that Joseph spoke to his brothers after it was all over. After years in slavery and prison to finally be lifted up as the prime minister of Egypt:

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” –Genesis 50:20clip_image002

The plan is to save many lives for all eternity—the greatest harvest and revival of all times.  A world–wide harvest but also a major revival for America.

Increasingly we are living in times in which knowledge is expanding at an exponential rate and what is wrong is being presented as good and what is good according to God’s law is now considered bad. But a new day is coming when the faithful church will rise up and shine for a moment like never before as a light and beacon to the whole world.           

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