-100,000 Bottles of Water: A Prophetic Picture of Provision

A week and a half ago we received 100,000 bottles of water as a donation from a supplier to our Mercy Warehouse at Vineyard Laguna Niguel.

I have talked about the warehouse before –it is a on-going ministry of our church to the poor and just regular folks of South Orange County. We give away approx. $100,000 worth of food, clothing, furniture, and etc. per month out of our 40,000 sq ft. warehouse. We also have become a food bank supplier for other charities in the area including the Salvation army.

Usually when we receive a large donation like that it is because we are going to need it or someone in the area. If 100’s of loafs of extra bread shows up it means that some other charity in the area has probably been shorted and really needs the bread.

The warehouse has become a prophetic picture of God’s provision. So when 100,000 bottles of water shows up some wondered if disaster was soon to strike in our own area. However according to several of our contacts in the Middle East the water sure could be utilized there.  But we were frustrated in all of our attempt to arrange for shipping.

Then the huge quake hit in Japan and it became very clear where the water needed to go and immediately we were able to find transportation. The water is already there.

In thinking about this experience and others lately, this is a prophetic picture of God’s provision for us.  It is going to be there exactly when we need it. File this for future reference as our own nation, communities, churches, and even our own families go through disasters and crisis in the future.      

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