-A Picture of Revival?

Here’s a story about a baptismal service where 562 were baptized. It was the culmination of a 5 week series that saw over 800 come to Christ. You may not appreciated some of the tailgate party part of the event, but celebration certainly is appropriate and it sure got me thinking!

This event may not be revival, but when I saw the photo of the three temporary fonts set up in the parking lot, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about revival and of what it might be like when it does come. What if all of a sudden hundreds or thousands of folks wanted to be baptized at your church, what would you do?

I have been told by many who were there that during the midst of the Jesus People Revival in Southern California, Chuck Smith and his pastors baptized thousands at the beach. Most Calvary Chapels and Vineyard churches in this area still occasionally have some baptismal services at the beach, at least during the summer.

I look for the day when hundreds and even thousands of churches across America have their parking lots filled with people waiting to be baptized and publicly proclaim their commitment to Christ. That would be a picture of revival!

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