-A Vision of St. Patrick and a Hedge of Protection

Yesterday morning I attended the Marketplace Prayer group at our church as usual. During the worship I had a remarkable vision of the ministry of  St. Patrick:

I saw him walk into the center of a village and challenge the pagan priests to a test of power. He called for the people to bring all of their sick to him. Then he asked which ones the pagan priests had been paid to heal but didn’t. Then I saw him pray for those first, heal them and later heal all the rest.

Then I saw him walk around the entire parameter of the village praying for a hedge of protection around it casting out all demons and calling for God’s protection over the village against attacks from snakes, vermin, and devouring animals.

Following the vision I asked the Lord what meaning it might have for us. Then I immediately saw a picture of myself circling the parameter of my own property praying, and stranger still praying over my check book.

Later that morning Pastor Mike and others started talking about how we are in the midst of a battle and that we need God’s protection over our jobs, businesses, and over everything we own. The enemy wants to steal and devour. I then told the group about my vision.

Afterward another bother leaped to his feet and told us how just the day before a snake had crawled up on his porch and he had prayed for protection over his family. Then the Lord’s told him that it was a sign in the natural that he and his were really under a spiritual attack from the enemy. He related how he had circled his entire home and property praying for God’s hedge of protection.

After the prayer meeting I immediately went home and circled my entire home and property praying for a hedge of protection over my family and everything I own. Then I went on to work.           

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