-God’s Revival Economy


Picture-Wall Street by Still Burning via Flickr

Lately, the economic news in America and Europe has been rather frightening as one bank and financial institution after another closes or faces bankruptcy with hopes of some kind of bailout.

Recently,there have been reports that the churches near Wall Street have seen lots of financial folks lately on their knees in prayer.

I have read a lot of accounts lately about the economy and no one really seems to know how to correct the mess we are in or whether the ‘bailout bill’ just passed by Congress will actually help or not. Some even think it could make matters worse.

I believe that God is calling his church and his people to stand up in faith and participate in his Kingdom/Revival economy.

I believe that a Kingdom/Revival economy is always successful regardless of the world economic condition.

I believe that God can choose to bless his people regardless of the dominant economy.

I believe that there are a number of important economic principles given to us from the teaching and ministry of Jesus.  The Kingdom/Revival economy starts with Matthew 6:33clip_image002 and faith is what makes it all work: Seek ye first the Kingdom.

More on this later.    

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