-Has God Has Pushed a Great Big Reset Button?


(Image by tillwe via Flickr)

I have been addressing this for several month now—Has God pushed a big ‘reset’ button? Some prophetic folks believe that God has grabbed the entire world system by the jaws and turned it upside down to position it for the very last days or as Grady says—hit a big ‘reset button’. Regardless, no matter how painful it is—God is definitely at work here. All the systems of the world have been thrown up in the air and where they land only God knows for sure.

The American church is particularly vulnerable because it was so tied to the old cultural and economic system of America that is now being tested and transformed. Change is ahead whether we want it or not, for better or worse. If the church tries to hang on to the old world system it will be changed into something that is clearly not Biblical.

Those churches that continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit and uphold Biblical teaching and principles will be transformed in a positive way—but not in the eyes of the world. The dominant American culture from now on will be increasingly critical and adversarial with those who are faithful to ‘Biblical’ Christianity.

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