-Israel: 500 New Jewish Believers Come to Christ


This is really incredible. With all of the problems and pressures that are facing Israel right now, God is sovereignly moving and bringing His grace.

Here’s a report from David Hathaway’s Ministry:

Over 700 people attended the 2-day conference. Most of them NON-believers and many of the guests at the conference were an older generation, holocaust survivors and many other Israelis. For most of them it was the first time they had ever heard the gospel of a Jewish Messiah preached to them. Their response was overwhelming!

On the first night more than 300 people responded to the altar call, came forward to receive Yeshua as their Messiah! The second night 200 people also gave their lives to Yeshua. It has exceeded all our expectations! We have never seen such a large number of people in Israel responding to the message of Yeshua….

It was genuinely a historic event; something that hasn’t been seen in Israel in the modern days. To see countless of people coming forward to receive prayer for healing and the testimonies kept pouring in from people who were amazed to discover they were healed.

Response: These really are exceptional times that we live in. More Jewish folks have come to Christ in the last 10 years than all of the last 2,000 years combined.

Please continue to pray for Jerusalem and Israel. The very existence of this people and nation could soon be threatened and this time round America may not be all that helpful.            

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