-Putting Christ and Merry Back into the Christmas Season


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There seems to be far fewer attacks upon Christmas this year. As I go out into the stores I now see a variety of signs greeting me including ‘Merry Christmas’ most of the time. Some of the same stores only had the perfunctory ‘Happy Holidays’ on their signs last year.

Maybe some of the business administrators read the same poll I did that 70% of Americans prefer the ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting to ‘Happy Holidays’. Maybe some of the businesses in their haste to be ‘inclusive’ and not to offend a few now realize they were actually offending the many instead.

Some other polls that I have read find that between 85-92% of the country celebrates Christmas in some form or another.

Even for those who are not really believers, the Christmas season still brings the story of the birth of Jesus to the forefront for a few weeks out of the years at least. Though a cursory inventory of the shows on TV demonstrates a continuing trend towards the myth of Santa Claus and his reindeer and away from the true miracle of the season. For some the season should probably be called ‘Santa-mas’.

One disturbing thing I found over the weekend is that my grandchildren really do not know very many of the old traditional Christmas carols. They stopped singing them in schools so their exposure to traditional Christmas music is now limited to home and church and the car radio.

This Christmas season is a time of economic difficulty for many. I know in our own family we will not be spending as much on gifts as we have in the past. Nevertheless, this Christmas will not be diminished in any way since we plan to emphasis the ‘merry’ and the ‘Christ’ during this season and reach out to others when we can.   

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