-Receiving God’s Favor and Living in His Kingdom Economy-Part 2


(Dome of the Rock—Jerusalem via Wikipedia)

Things have changed enough for the better in the last two months that I am now in the middle of a 2 week vacation in our motorhome—a vacation I really needed–Praise God. At the end of June I really didn’t see how I was going to pay the current DMV registration that was due on the RV much less take a vacation in it this year.

The last week of June at a Wednesday morning prayer service Pastor Mike prophesied over me that my work was going to get a whole lot easier and all of the stuff I was then worrying about was going to be resolved and that I was going to receive ‘God’s favor’.

I sorta wondered about what ‘God’s favor’ meant and involved–how that was any different than what I already had but it sure sounded good. Anyone out there ever receive a prophetic word that was full of good sounding stuff and traditional ‘prophetic filler’ that really didn’t mean a whole lot? If you receive ‘God’s favor’ how do you know for sure except good stuff starts to happen?

Well in this case, ‘God’s favor’ has been miraculously demonstrated to me literally on several occasions—here’s one incredible incident:

I had just spent 3 or 4 hours with a new client going over some of his needs for his new store (I sell market equipment to pay the bills). I was afraid that this was going to be a complete waste of time and effort. I had already been there twice before and sent him 10 pages of quotes and we really didn’t seem to be getting any closer to doing business. I threw up one of those traditional prayers like I always do in this situation— “Lord just give me favor in their eyes—don’t let this be a complete waste– I really do need something out of this—anything”.

At that point I really had little hope that I would see anything in the way of sales for all of the time and effort I had invested. The owners were Middle Eastern Muslims and usually the business climate is full of mistrust and like warfare in these cases. The only time in my experience that I really receive any large sales from Middle Eastern folks is when I have already done business with them in the past or with a relative and received a good referral. These were folks that I didn’t know nor did they or any of their relatives know me.

Right after I threw up that short prayer, the owner that I had been dealing with said— “I want you to come meet the big boss.”  We went to the front of the store and there was a circle of folks drinking tea with one guy obviously at the head of that informal table—he was wearing a teashirt that said “Jerusalem” and had a picture of the Dome of the Rock mosque on it. My heart sunk a little seeing that as I was introduced to “Ali” the big boss and money man of the operation—the one who makes the real decisions over anything substantial.

The moment we shook hands he proclaimed—“I just saw a vision of you standing with a Bible preaching or teaching—are you a Bible teacher?”

I was totally shocked and amazed and blurted out: “I am a Bible teacher!”

Ali shouts out- “I knew it, I knew it!”

Then he turns to those around the table and says: “This is a man we can trust—give him an order”.

And it was a very nice order indeed–Praise the Lord!  

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