-Receiving God’s Favor and Living in His Kingdom Economy


(Image by John McNab via Flickr)

2009 has been a difficult time for the Davis family. 2008 wasn’t so good but then 2009 rolled around and the bottom fell out of the economy in So. California. At one time or another this year, all 4 of my adult children have been out of work—we ended up with 3 extra adults living with us along with 2 grandchildren. Meanwhile my business and income dropped 30% while our expenses with 5 more mouths to feed increased exponentially.

By the end of June we were in a crisis with far more bills to pay than money. I really didn’t know what to do but continued to pray for some answers which didn’t seem to come.

I went to that last Wednesday morning prayer service of the month rather down and with little hope. The Pastor gave me a word that my work was going to get a whole lot easier and that I was going to receive God’s favor. Unknown to Pastor mike, the previous 3 months had been the hardest I had ever worked for the least results. I wish I could say that I received the word in faith but I didn’t—this is not a ‘name it and claim it’ testimony. I left with a wait and see attitude.

Immediately our situation began to change miraculously. The same day I sold two huge orders and had more referrals than I had all year. In 4 days we had enough money to pay the bills that month which had seemed so hopeless.

One son who had been unemployed for 4 months but couldn’t get any unemployment money—his application was lost– then found–than delayed because of a technicality–he finally got a check the next week. Since then all three at home ended up with new jobs one by one—now we just have one son and two grandchildren still living with us.

Meanwhile, with the economy going one direction—downhill, my business has been incredible and full of down right miracles lately.  Next post I will tell you about one.    

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