-South OC: Contemporary Revival Characteristics

There are a number of characteristics that continue to come to the surface in South Orange Co. California when we pray about and talk about revival.

Most around here are convinced that we are on the verge if not the beginning of another move of God here but one which is radically different than the ‘Jesus People’ move in our past.

What is similar is a whole new generation of young people with radical dedication to Jesus beginning to rise up in our schools.

What is different is the forum of revival.

Whereas the move in the 70’s revolved around Bible study groups, the development of alternative contemporary worship, End-Times Pre-Trib eschatology, and the beaches and surf of Southern California. Today it’s at Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and the Irvine Spectrum. Bringing healing and letting a new generation find out that they have a Father who really does know who they are and actually cares about them.

This time it isn’t about a thousand bare-foot hippies trying to cram into a small church in Costa Mesa nor really about all of the ‘mega’ Calvary Chapels and Vineyards which followed in its wake. Nor is it centered in a church building at all where folks fly in from all around the world to get a touch like Toronto and Florida.

God the Father is pursuing people where they live, work, and shop.  Right now this is a ‘hidden’ marketplace revival. However at some point I believe that it is going to touch every facet of life and culture in South OC.

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