-Re: Breaking the Division Between the ‘Spiritual’ and ‘Secular’

Here’s a link to a Christian Post article which explores some themes that I believe are critical for any kind of cultural revival of the American and Western church:

Tim Keller: Spiritual and Secular Jobs are God’s Work

Here’s the opening line:

Pastor Tim Keller challenged a crowd of New York City professionals Sunday to rethink how they view work and to debunk the notion that spiritual vocations matter more to God than secular work.

Here’s a notable quote from Pastor Keller:

“There is no menial work. Jesus came not as a philosopher, not as a general. He came as a carpenter. The Bible says that all works matter to God. All works. Not just works that make money.”

Response: People spend 40 hours or more a week working or in business but it is only the 2 hours spent helping with the Sunday School that has any lasting eternal value? This dichotomy has not served us well and it is past time for the ‘Good News’ to touch every facet of our lives including our work and businesses, and our families and homes.

It is imperative for all Christians to understand once more that each one is called into a ‘priesthood of all believers’ that in the Kingdom of God there really is no division between the ‘secular’ and the ‘Spiritual’. Every occupation one is called to is to be lived out ‘as to the lord’ and dedicated to His Kingdom and rule.

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I plan to expand on this thought in another article here. I believe that the current revival in America is beginning in the marketplace and neighborhoods where folks live rather than in churches.           

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