-The Jesus Prayer

Pastor Ed Piorek gave an incredible message this morning at VCC. He talked about and demonstrated ‘the Jesus prayer’: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me“. Words can’t really describe what happen today at church, but the Holy Spirit fell on the place and about 80% of the folks ended up front.

He quoted both Henri Nouwen and J.P. Moreland (Biola), and then later Heidi Baker, (what an interesting and varied combination) about the importance of this basic prayer:

In the expression, ‘Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me’ we find a powerful summary of all prayer” -Henry Nouwen

Here are three activities that have proven helpful to us in our engagement of prayer as a spiritual discipline, helping us develop the habit of ongoing prayer… First, we recommend that you begin by saying the ‘Jesus Prayer’ about three hundred times a day… Derived from Luke 18:38clip_image002, the Jesus Prayer has had a powerful impact on people at various times in Church history.” -J.P. Moreland

‘Lord Jesus Christ beautiful Son of God have mercy on me your beloved.’ I pray it for hours a day.” -Heidi Baker

Pastor Ed gave a number of testimonies of how this prayer was effective in bringing quite a few people to Christ, quite a large number of healings, and quite a few miracles. He told about a conference in Toronto last year where he gave a message about the Jesus Prayer and the holy Spirit fell on the place. Afterward, Heidi Baker handed him a note containing the quote above. But most important to me, he talked about how this prayer helped him to ‘pray unceasing’ (like Paul suggests in IThess. 5:17clip_image002[1]) and keep in touch, and to relate and receive from God all day long.

This actually gave me hope. I try to start of every morning with prayer but sometimes I get distracted and I’m half way to work before I remember. Then it’s difficult to pray while your driving and fighting bumper to bumper traffic. When I do remember, it’s like I’m in a hurry to get it done while the coffee is brewing. Lord Jesus, have mercy on me.

Then I get to work, and some of my orders are not ready yet and it’s going to make me late to every appointment, then customers start calling wondering where I am. My thoughts need to be redeemed by then–Lord Jesus, have mercy on me.

Yes this prayer is going to be a blessing for me and for everyone I have contact with all day long. Thank you Lord. Come Holy Spirit.

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