-The Ministry of Blogging

This time of the year, around the Biblical (Jewish) new year, I usually take some time to consider what I am doing and what I’m involved in, particularly in the way of ministry. The process started two weekends ago at a church men’s retreat. I received some very useful words and a number of insightful prayers during that weekend. I came away encouraged and believing that the Lord was still calling me to participate in blogging as a form of ministry.

I started blogging 7 months ago. It all began with some clear inspiration that I received while worshipping on March 5. It was a call to ministry on the web. The initial idea was to teach a Bible study and answer Bible questions on the internet, my first blog- ANSWERS For The Faith was born that very day.

Soon I was caught up in blogging and spending hours reading and commenting on other blogs. I realize now that it became a hobby, and the ministry aspect was diminished in the process. Praying over it helped me to put things in perspective and make some needed adjustments. Actually, the Holy Spirit got me on track.

There are many times when I ask the Lord what I am doing here? Is this helping or blessing anyone? What I hear back from him is this:

You must learn to trust in me and be more humble in the process. Amen.

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