-What I’ve been Hearing Lately


In response to David Wilkerson’s “An Urgent Message”, I have been searching out some of the things that I believe that the Lord has been telling me lately to see if they compliment his message in any way.

Here are some of the things that I believe that the Lord has been telling me over and over again in the last 6 months or so. As with any message of this sort discernment is in order:

-America has turned a corner and it will never be the same for better or worse. I don’t know exactly what that means for the future of America but it is not the wrath of God but a time of choices. It will be a time of blessing for those who accept what the Lord offers and not so for those who reject his grace.

-The economy of America is going to go through some major upheavals but a ‘Kingdom economy’ will be available to the churches and Christians who respond. Already the lord is beginning to give out incredible inventions to faithful Christians that will change not only America but the whole world. Many Christians who faithfully respond to God’s ‘Kingdom economy’ will find themselves in positions of influence like Joseph and Daniel of old.

-It is a time where God’s justice will be in play. Those who are in tune and help the poor, release the captives, bind-up the broken-hearted, and heal the sick will receive incredible blessing from the Lord on many different levels.

-The American church is called to make major changes and the new wineskins will be demonstrated by key churches across the whole country. Canada also.

-I was looking in the last 7 years for a major revival to dramatically change the American culture and bring it back towards the Lord. Something changed last year and a corner was turned last fall around the time of the Jewish new year. The picture I now see is one in which the culture is going one way and the faithful church is turning away to follow a different path under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This will bring the church under an increasing degree of persecution in the future but also increasing signs & wonders, miracles, healings, and blessings from the Lord.

-Right now the American church is at the crossroads. Some major main-line denominations are already in the process of choosing to continue with the dominant culture away from Biblical Christianity. The evangelical churches are now at that fork in the road. It is a time of choices.

Again, it is a time of choices. Some choices will bring discipline and judgment, others will bring incredible blessing.         

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