-Why We Need Revival!

We are in a spiritual decline in the church, in this nation, and in all of the Western world.

There is a blinding stupor that has covered all of Europe and America. Secular humanism and atheism are on the move and have overtaken the church in the media and in the schools and universities creating a spiritual vacuum in the Western world. Meanwhile it is like the church is asleep.

Some of us have come alive this Christmas season and become involved in the ‘War on Christmas’ and refuse to give or receive a ‘Happy Holidays’ greeting holding out for the traditional ‘Merry Christmas’. However, the cause is really already lost in our public schools. Traditional carols aren’t allowed, even Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was kicked out of one school because the song dares to even mention Christmas. You can bet however, that every schoolchild knows that the Muslims recently celebrated their yearly Hajj.

That brings up the real spiritual challenge to Christianity–Islam which is growing at a phenomenal rate and actually has incredible demonic backing. Unchecked, Europe could become Muslim in one generation–the current demographics bear this out.

It seems incredible but there is huge spiritual deception and blindness going on right now in regard to Islam. In fact, in the UK the Church of England seems to be surrendering to Islam on many different levels. In Italy the birth-rate among Italians is so low that most demographers forecast that The Vatican will be surrounded by a Muslim immigrant dominated nation in 20 years.

In America, the church is under a tremendous assault by homosexuality and the more liberal part of the church including the Episcopalians are surrendering under a delusion of the enemy–calling it a response to the love that Christ taught. Unless revival comes soon, mark my words, same-sex marriage will become a legal reality within 5 years and those who oppose it and teach against homosexuality will be subject to lawsuits and/or arrest. This is already the case in Canada and some European countries.

Look at the radical response to Prop 8-the traditional marriage amendment- in California. Also, notice the current outrage in the main-stream media because Pastor Rick Warren was picked to give a prayer at the inaugural. What is his great crime?–he supports traditional marriage.

Western civilization itself is actually in danger of disappearing in one generation. Without a major revival, major changes are planned by the enemy and the church could be driven nearly underground in one generation. Why do I say this? According to recent polls and demographics, 80% of the kids raised attending American churches by Christian parents leave the church as adults–and worst, are not raising their kids in the faith.

My generation (Baby-Boomers) and the next has failed to pass on their faith to the next generation and as we pass from the scene, the church could begin to diminish to 20% of its present size unless there is some kind of radical change.

Major revival is the only hope that I can see for reversing these trends. Christians have spent a lot of time and resources politically in the last 20 years trying to reverse some of these trends to no avail—Come Holy Spirit and bless this land. Let the Son rise up and shine across the face of America and Europe–to the very ends of the earth and push away the darkness once more.          

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