-‘Azusa Street’ Centennial- A Local Report

A group of young people from my home church (Vineyard CC-Laguna Niguel, CA) attended the Azusa Street Centennial. They gave a report on Sunday (April 30)Â that the ‘Azusa Street’ is alive and well, and still going. They joined thousands who filled the LA Sports Arena for a special Youth service on Saturday (April 29). The service was attended by kids of every race, coming from thousands of different locations, and representing hundreds of diverse denominations & Churches.

Before entering the Arena, they prayed for a young person on crutches, who was able to carry them in unneeded. At a break time during that day, our young folks report that Revival broke out at a ‘Starbucks’, as they prayed for those waiting in line for coffee. This of coarse, is just one local report that demonstrates that ‘Azusa Street’ continues today-still going strong after 100 years.

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