-“END TIMES SIMPLIFIED: Preparing Your Heart for The Coming Storm”

By David Sliker (Kansas City, MO: Forerunner Publishing, 2005, 144 pgs.)

This book takes a different tack, a refreshing presentation. The author does not worry about defining the work vis-a-vis any particular eschatological category, nor does he use any of the well-worn scenarios that typify this genre. He leaves that to the reader. The book merely looks forward to the Coming of Jesus, and presents the scriptures which pertain to the events leading up to the Second Coming.

Eschatology is a hobby for me, over the years I have read several hundred books that look at the subject. You ask–is it Amill., Premill., Postmill., Pretrib., Midtrib., Postrib.–which is it? I could offer an opinion, but that would do a disservice to the author. In the Prologue, the author states that he is concerned that ‘pre-conceived notions’ in this area of study, make it difficult for the Holy Spirit to assist us in understanding what the Bible really says about the End-Times and the Second Coming of Christ.

This book will give you a good look at the events and Bible references, without all the usual trappings. I highly recommend it as a fresh look at this important era before us. And guess What! God & his people win in the end, in-between, and all the way through. Satan and his cohorts are going down! Here the Church is portrayed as the ‘overcoming victorious Bride of Christ’.

The book is available through: Forerunner Bookstore

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