-What Does a Genuine Move of God Look Like?


What does a genuine move of God look like? It is allowing the Holy Spirit to do what he wants to do. It is seeking God and nothing else. It is doing what the Father is doing just like Jesus did.

In the context of a church and especially church services it might be somewhat chaotic or at least look that way to those visiting or on the outside looking in. Read the account about Pentecost in Acts 2. Folks on the street thought they were drunk.  A genuine move of God might even be uncomfortable for faithful believers and even strain some of our theology. At least past revivals have.

I recently read a book  by John and Carol Arnott about their experiences as leaders during the Toronto Outpouring or Blessing which is ongoing in many ways and in many places as far away as Africa. But the real focus of the book was on preparing for and sustaining the next move of God:

Preparing for the Glory: Getting Ready for the Next Wave of Holy Spirit Outpouring

Anyone interested in revival should take the time to read this book. It is full of great experiences and full of hope and insights into what God is doing now and what the next move might look like and how to prepare for it.

-Book Review: “The Heavenly Man”


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By Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway (London & Grand Rapids: Monarch Books, 2002, 351 pages)

The incredible true story of Chinese evangelist Liu Zhenying known to his Christian friends as Brother Yun. It is his own personal testimony along with the reflections of his wife Deling who supported him in the ministry and though many trials and tribulations. The ups and downs, the joys, the victories, along with the low points, failures, and all of the warts. It is there for all to read.

The Communist government did everything they could to destroy the Christian church in China and very little visibly remained by 1970.

The story of brother Yun gives you a small taste of how the Christian church relegated to the dust bin of history rose up to become the force it is today in China with more than 100 million believers. It was entirely a move of God and this story reads like the book of Acts.

An incredible life changing book, one that I highly recommend. Unfortunately Brother Yun has become the target of critics within the Western church. Many have a hard time believing all of the healings and miracles he testifies of here.

Let the Holy Spirit speak to you though this book and you will never be the same. Hereafter that comfortable pew you sit in on Sunday will never be quite so comfortable again. Beware, you could actually receive a new calling and a new vision of where the lord wants to take you.

-“When Heaven Invades Earth: A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles”

By Bill Johnson (Shippensburg,PA: Destiny Image Pub. Inc., 2003,190 pgs.)

Bill Johnson is the senior pastor of Bethel Church (AG) of Redding, California, but more than that, he is one of those leading the charge towards true revival. ‘When Heaven Invades Earth’ is more than a clever title, this book identifies how life can really change for the better when ‘The Kingdom’ really does come into one’s life, after all our prayers asking for it.

I found myself reading the chapters slowly in order to receive the entire message. There is a lot here to consider. It is a clarion call to leave behind the ordinary and enter into a new way of thinking and a new way of life where healing and miracles are looked for and expected. It is a call for a change of world view. It is a challenge to leave the regular religious stuff behind and to really seek first the Kingdom and to really seek a closer relationship with God. To really expect the Kingdom to be manifest in power, and not merely in words.

Bill Johnson really does live and aspire to what he is talking about in his book. Several years ago I had the opportunity to pray for the sick along with Bill and several others on our ministry team. It had been a long night and midnight was closing in. A young man hobbled up to us with one leg obviously shorter than the other by three inches or so. I must admit that I had some doubt at first. Bill had him lay down and we began to pray for him. With full confidence, Bill Johnson held the young mans foot and commanded the leg to grow and it did. We kept on praying until the leg was fully extended to the same length as the other one. It was a night that I will never forget.

This book goes far beyond what one can explain in a short review, this is one of those rare life changing books that only comes along every once in a while. At least it was for me.

-“There Is Always Enough”

:”-The Amazing Story Of Rolland And Heidi Baker’s Miraculous Ministry Among The Poor”By Rolland & Heidi Baker (Kent, UK: Sovereign World Ltd, 2003, 188 pgs.)

Rolland and Heidi Baker tell their own incredible story in this book, starting at the beginning, how they met, their education and preparation (both completed their BA & MA degrees at Vanguard University, and Heidi has a PHD in Systematic Theology from King’s College, University of London), how they were called to missions, serving first in Hong Kong, and then how they eventually ended up in Mozambique serving the poorest of the poor.

The story of their Mozambique mission reads like the Book of Acts. Incredible victories, miracles, healings, feeding hundreds with just enough food for a family, bringing 10’s of thousands to Christ, birthing 6000 churches, training thousands of pastors and leaders, true revival, and also incredible opposition, and a multitude of frustrating situations. The real story is not about the huge numbers and success, it is about the Baker’s willingness to help one person at a time. Their reaching out to one orphan after another, bringing love, care, and Christ to those who have none of the above, and have been rejected in probably the poorest country in the world. Their testimony and their obvious humility, causes one to be encouraged and to celebrate the greatness of our God, also to seek revival in one’s own life and community. If you really want to know the truth about the Baker’s, this book is the best place to start. The book is available through many Christian book stores, or directly through the Baker’s ministry site: http://www.irismin.com/products.html Also: Check out their ministry blog and newsletter while you are at it: http://www.irismin.org/wordpress

“THE SEER: The Prophetic Power of Visions, Dreams, & Open Heavens”

By Jim W. Goll, (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Pub. Inc., 2004, 190 pgs.)

What is the difference between a Seer and a regular Prophet? Jim Goll explains and differentiates between the two prophetic ministry streams, from the perspective of a participant. It is loaded with personal experience and wisdom, but it also helps one to better understand the different prophets in the Bible. A must read for all those who minister in the prophetic, or in the pastoral for that matter. This book is an excellent presentation of the different prophetic ministries operating in the church today. It is available through most Christian book stores, or may be obtained directly from Jim Goll’s website.

or Amazon

-“A Call To War: Basic Training For The Prophetic Ministry”

by Kris Vallotton (Redding CA: Bethel Church, 2004, 95 pgs.)

Kris is the head of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and Senior Associate Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California (Bill Johnson is the Senior Pastor). He is also a recognized prophetic minister who has been involved in training and overseeing a large number of prophetic teams in the United States and internationally.

This is essentially a ‘basic training manual’ for prophetic ministry. A valuable tool for those who are developing prophetic teams, growing into the ministry as an individual, or for Pastors who would like to develop and guide prophetic ministry in their church.

Some of the topics covered: ‘Learning to Hear The Voice of God’; ‘The Purpose of Prophetic Ministry’; ‘The Difference Between The Office of Prophet and The Gift of Prophecy’; ‘Judging and Receiving Prophetic Words’; ‘Ministering in and Receiving the Gift of Prophecy’; ‘Prophetic Etiquette’; ‘False Prophets’; and ‘Practicing Prophecy’.

I highly recommend this book for those growing in the prophetic, and also for Pastors seeking guidelines for how prophetic ministry should work, edify, and complement other ministries in the local church. It is amazing how this manual is easy to understand, and yet at the same time, it is quite comprehensive and profound. All of the important stuff is here in 95 pages, with study guides included. The book may be ordered through: Bethel Church-Store

-“The Central Event: Experiencing The Power Of The Father’s Love”

by Ed Piorek, (Cape Town, South Africa: Vineyard Int. Pub., 2005, 166 pgs.)

Ed Piorek is a long time pastor (now Pastor Emeritus of Vineyard CC Laguna Niguel Calif.), who traveled extensively with John Wimber during the 1980’s and early 90’s. He now heads the Father Loves You Ministries (an international conference ministry) and travels occasionally with John Arnott (Toronto Airport CF). Pastor Ed identifies the baptism of Jesus as ‘the central event’ in the ministry of our Lord. It actually came at the beginning of his ministry, but it was a major point of empowerment and a confirmation of the Father’s love. Two other events in the ministry of Jesus were similar; ‘The Transfiguration’, and the Mount of Olives. Each event reminded Jesus of the Father’s love and strengthened him for the events to come.

Ed recalls different events in his own life and ministry that were similar, in calling him, centering him, and commissioning him. Then there was a bout with cancer that found him daily leaning on and continuing in, the Father’s love for survival and for the energy to carry on. He also introduces us to other ministers who have experienced similar events. Some from the past, like D.L. Moody. Others from the present like; Rolland and Heidi Baker (Mozambique), and John and Carol Arnott; who continue to minister depending upon the Father’s love to give them the strength and empowerment that they need to carry on.

Particularly helpful, is a teaching on the ‘prodigal Son’ and the Father. Ed also points out the example of Jesus, who on many occasions, went out of his way to minister to just one person at a time, even in the midst of the crowd. He demonstrates how the love and the compassion of the Father, gives us the reserves and empowerment to seek out and minister to the ‘one’ lost sheep. There is also a chapter on ‘contemplative prayer’ which is by itself worth the price of the book. In contemplative prayer, one does not seek stuff, but seeks only to be close to the Father.

The following is a statement about the book, from John Arnott:

The Central Event is not only a ‘must read’ for any of us wanting to go deeper in the things of God, it is one to be studied and meditated on regularly as you would with a devotional. Ed Piorek is one of the foremost teachers on the subject of experiencing the love of God. The chapter on contemplative prayer addresses the most urgent need of the Western church. Ed’s insights have changed my life. This book will change yours.

The book may be purchased from: Vineyard Int. Pub., or directly from the Father Loves You Ministries.

-“END TIMES SIMPLIFIED: Preparing Your Heart for The Coming Storm”

By David Sliker (Kansas City, MO: Forerunner Publishing, 2005, 144 pgs.)

This book takes a different tack, a refreshing presentation. The author does not worry about defining the work vis-a-vis any particular eschatological category, nor does he use any of the well-worn scenarios that typify this genre. He leaves that to the reader. The book merely looks forward to the Coming of Jesus, and presents the scriptures which pertain to the events leading up to the Second Coming.

Eschatology is a hobby for me, over the years I have read several hundred books that look at the subject. You ask–is it Amill., Premill., Postmill., Pretrib., Midtrib., Postrib.–which is it? I could offer an opinion, but that would do a disservice to the author. In the Prologue, the author states that he is concerned that ‘pre-conceived notions’ in this area of study, make it difficult for the Holy Spirit to assist us in understanding what the Bible really says about the End-Times and the Second Coming of Christ.

This book will give you a good look at the events and Bible references, without all the usual trappings. I highly recommend it as a fresh look at this important era before us. And guess What! God & his people win in the end, in-between, and all the way through. Satan and his cohorts are going down! Here the Church is portrayed as the ‘overcoming victorious Bride of Christ’.

The book is available through: Forerunner Bookstore