-Revival Among the Muslims -Part I: 6 Million a Year Coming to Christ

According to an interview on Al-Jazeerah with Sheikh Ahmad Al Katani, over 6 million Muslims are being converted to Christianity in Africa every year. 6 million sounds like a lot, but I’m looking for a major revival that touches every Muslim nation and brings 100 million to Christ.

One Hundred million Muslims converting to Christianity sounds rather improbable doesn’t it. After all, most Muslim countries are closed to missions and many do not allow conversions from Islam. I know how it sounds; I have been living with this idea for over five years now and have only dared to mention it publicly on two occasions. Yet that word and figure came to me in one of the clearest and most incredible experiences that I have ever had with the Lord.
One hundred million is such a large number considering the circumstances and my faith for it is so inadequate, yet I have continued to pray and look for the beginning of major revival among the Muslims. Nearly five years passed before I began to see the seeds of revival. In the last year, evidence for the beginning of a Muslim revival finally began to sprout to the surface:

In July 2006 I read an incredible report from Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries in Mozambique quoted on The Revival Blog. It told of Healing, miracles, and hundreds of Muslims coming to Christ. My hope stirred within me.

Later that month I read an article in the July issue of Charisma Magazine: “Uganda’s Miracle” by Kyalo Nguku. It tells about a major move of God in the Southern part of Uganda, Africa. In the 1970’s, Idi Amin murdered between 300,000-500,000 people in an attempt to convert the nation to Islam. In response, God raised up Christian leaders who began a movement of intercession and a ministry of healing and miracles. Today, the move of God is reaching into the highest levels of the Ugandan government, the church is growing at a phenomenal rate, and Muslims are beginning to come to Christ. What a reversal.

Then in August and September there were two articles in Charisma Magazine that gave me real hope for a greater Muslim revival. First article was “The Muslim Who Heard God’s Voice” (August 2006), the story of Evangelist Christopher Alam. I believe that soon God will be calling out 1000’s of Muslims like Alam, in miraculous ways, to bring revival among their people.

The second article was “Storm In The Desert” (Sept. 2006). It started out this way: “More Muslims have come to Christ in the last two decades than in all of history. God is orchestrating a profound miracle in our generation.” The article went on to say that over 522,000 had been converted to Christ. That seemed incredible at the time and a real boost to my faith.

Then over the last weekend in February (2007), I read two posts which really do seem to confirm the beginning of major revival among the Muslims. First I received the following article from Charisma+online by J. Lee Grady, from his Fire In My Bones column (To read the article go to Archives at the top and click down to: 02-23-07 “A Radical New Sound in Indonesia“).

According to Grady, more than 60,000 churches have been planted in Indonesia in recent years. Also, Christians in 500 cities in the country have organized prayer altars where believers will storm heaven for a national revival. All of this is happening in the largest Muslim country in the world.

Then I visited the Revival Blog and found the You Tube Al-Jazeerah’s interview with Sheikh Ahmad Al Katani, the president of The Companions Lighthouse for the Science of Islamic Law in Libya. He claimed that in Africa, every hour 667 Muslims converted to Christianity. That everyday Islam lost 16,000 Muslims, and every year over 6 million Muslims were coming to Christ. The video ended with a long line of Africans being baptized in a river by Heidi Baker. Praise God, what an incredible video. (Note: The video only lasts a few minutes, well worth seeing)
So the Muslim revival is beginning in Africa and Asia, but I believe that it will spread to every Muslim nation and people. The Gospel will be preached in a major way to every Muslim nation, even in places like Saudi Arabia where it is illegal. 6 million a year is a great start but I believe that there is more to come. …To be Continued…

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