-Revival Among the Muslims -Part II: Vision- 100 Million Coming to Christ?

A Continuation -read the previous article first: “Revival Among the Muslims -Part I: 6 Million a Year Coming to Christ

We left off talking about how incredible it was that 6 million Muslims are said to be coming to Christ every year. Sheikh Katani was sounding the alarm on an Al-Jazeerah interview.

As great as that sounds, I am actually looking for more than 100 million Muslims to be converted from every Muslim nation. Now that sounds nearly impossible. Nevertheless, our God is God and our Lord is Lord over all. Even over the principalities and powers of Islam.

Shortly after 9/11/01, I had one of the clearest and most incredible experiences that I have ever had with the Lord. I was sitting in my easy chair watching the aftermath coverage on TV one evening, and I was casually asking the Lord why he allowed such a tragedy to happen to our nation, and I was wondering about the future.


The next thing I knew I was in the midst of an open vision.


I was on a hill overlooking an ancient city with an army circling the walls. Then the trumpets blew and the walls and the gate at the front of the city came a tumbling down and the army advanced into the city to conquer.


Then the voice of the Lord spoke to me, He was standing behind me: Do you know what you are seeing?


I said: Yes, It’s Jericho.


Then the Lord said: No. It’s Islam. The prince of Islam has exceeded his authority. Soon there will be a new crusade, not a crusade of spears and swords, but of the Sword of the Spirit, of healing and miracles, of signs and wonders;


and 100 million Muslims are going to come to Christ as the firstfruits.


When I was back in my easy chair I started thinking about 100 million and how impossible that seemed. Yet that was only supposed to be the ‘firstfruits’ of the harvest?

Does this mean that 100 million Muslims are going to come to Christ, but that is just the beginning of a greater harvest? Wow. I believe that is the message of the vision. Praise God!

As with any spiritual gift, one should always use discernment and I submit this message to you with that qualification and understanding.

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