-Revival: It begins with You!


Here’s part of a message by Jill Austin on revival– “You Can Transform Your Nation“(link NLA):

“Revival is not born out of mass movements but out of a series of solitary decisions. …

He is going to begin His work with you. Revival starts today. Revival starts with you.

He has hand-chosen you, before the foundations of the world, to embark on a journey into the fullness of your destiny. Do you want to be His voice rather than man’s echo? If so, will you return to Him as your first love? Remember, God must first set our hearts ablaze with radical passion for Jesus. Intimacy is what ignites revolution.

Is the presence of the living God fully taking up residence in your heart? If that has not happened, then why are you expecting that to happen in some kind of public meeting? Revival starts with you! Personal transformation must precede city transformation. Let a revolution begin today—and may it begin with you!”

Response: Lord let it begin with me, bring revival to my house and neighborhood. Let it begin with you, bring revival to your house and community. Let it begin with us Lord, bring revival to our land, in Jesus name, Amen.

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