-Revival: The Possible Intolerant Responses

I have recently listened to several different radio interviews featuring Sam Harris (author of: The End of Faith & A Letter to a Christian Nation) and Richard Dawkins (God Delusion) who are agressively opposing religion and calling for greater controls and ultimate suppression. They particularly favor outlawing religious education of children referring to it as “brainwashing” and a form of “child abuse”.

Fortunately, even the main stream media is currently challenging some of their radical perspectives. An article in February 2007 Christianity Today entiled: The New Intolerance documents some of this opposition.

Yesterday I was thinking about this particular article and said to myself that it will all be put to rest when true Revival shows up and thousands of people start getting healed. I was truly surprised with an impression that came back immediately into my mind:

No these people will even be more threatened with an active Spirit filled church. Particularly when some of their colleagues are converted. When it comes to healing, they will support ‘scientific’ experiments to demonstrate and prove that healing is merely a natural latent ability that some humans have. The opposition in the demonic realm will be more than happy to help out in the ‘research’. Wo!!

Today I was thinking about Revival, and it occurred to me that others from the entertainment industry, business leaders, educators, politicians, and quite a few religious ‘leaders’ will probably end up opposing any Revival because of all the changes it will bring to our society on a diverse number of levels. Well it is just a thought, can’t imagine folks preferring the dead old cultural church that prevails today.

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