-The ‘Spirit of Cain’ Short Circuits Major Revival-Part II: Conclusion

In addition to the blog posts mentioned in Part I, this article was largely inspired by a message given by Steve Thompson (Director of MorningStar Ministries) who recently ministered at VCC-Laguna Niguel (12/8-10). He talked about how jealousy continues to divide Christian ministers, ministries, and churches. He said that this is similar to the reaction of Cain to the favor that God showered upon his brother Abel.

He linked it to why ‘small Revivals’ seldom grow into large nation shaking events. He said that they usually get short circuited by the enemy who sows jealousy, division, delusion, and falsehood. However, Steve Thompson spent the majority of the time talking about the solution. His conclusions: Ministers and leaders need to learn to rejoice when others are blessed or receive a greater impartation and anointing. We all need to learn to agree with what the Father is doing and seek to be in tune with the heart of God.

His teaching continued: When we are in tune with what the Father is doing and rejoice when others receive, then the way is clear for us to receive also, possibly even a greater blessing. When we have some difficulty with the blessings and anointings that the Father gives to others, then the blessings that God intends for us may be delayed or blocked.

Also, the ‘judgment principle’ kicks in when we question why God is blessing others who seem to us to be less deserving. Then the Lord is obligated to judge us by the same measurement (Matt. 7:1-2clip_image002). However, if we rejoice in the Father’s mercy and grace towards others, then we may be eligible to receive the same.

My conclusions (at least for now): We can’t do this by ourselves, it requires greater intimacy with the Father and only his Spirit can give us the necessary discernment. If we try to do it on our own and try to train and discipline ourselves to rejoice when others receive, it could degenerate into witchcraft. We could end up rejoicing in order to receive. It’s probably why Cain’s offering didn’t receive favor from God. He was probably giving in order to receive, rather than giving in the spirit of true worship. That’s probably why he was so angry when Abel received favor from God instead. Things would have turned out different if he had rejoiced with his brother.

I believe that there is a trap that Christians fall into here. We can be so intent upon receiving greater anointing from God individually and for our own church that we sometimes ignore what the Father is doing with others if it doesn’t involve us. Greater Revival is a corporate body of Christ deal which requires lots of folk to cooperate not only with what the Father is doing in their own lives and churches, but also be engaged with what God is doing in the lives of others, and be sensitive to what the Spirit is doing across the entire Body of Christ.

I believe that this is why the Holy Spirit is touching so many prophetic folk right now to talk about seeking greater intimacy with the Father. I believe that the Lord would like to open up the heavens soon and bring a Revival that will shake the nations. However, greater intimacy with God will be increasingly essential in order to properly support the move and to make the changes and continual adjustments necessary in order to keep it expanding and growing.

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