-Sedalia Revival: The Third Night


There was a huge Thunderstorm in Sedalia last night that affected attendance to the Revival. The storm had winds up to 70 mph and did a lot of damage in KC and the surrounding area but circled around and missed the Revival site. Early on, winds began pull up the tent along with the poles and pegs but after prayer we received only some rain. And there was a double rainbow at the end of the storm- Praise the Lord! 

Over 600 came anyway

590 in the main tent

43 in the children’s tent

16 baptisms

lots of folks prayed for

And a Double rainbow!

The Holy Spirit showed up again! Come tonight (7/15) at 7pm and experience the incredible worship music, testimonies, preaching, and a unique time in the presence of the Lord Jesus and his Holy Spirit.

2 thoughts on “-Sedalia Revival: The Third Night

  1. Thanks Becky.
    I was really honored to participate in some of the planning meetings for the tent revival.

    The Holy Spirit really blasted a bunch of pastors and church leaders (36 from all sorts of churches and denominations) as they met together for the first time seeking revival in our community. This tent revival is the result and the first of many revival events to come.
    In the process, a bunch of us pastors and church leaders have become friends and really do feel a unity under Christ that we never had experienced before—it is all about Jesus. Only the Holy Spirit could do this! -Mike

  2. So excited about your revival attendance! I pray an outpouring of Holy Ghost rain every night!

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