-Update: Jena Revival -Still Going After 7 Weeks


(Photo: Karen L. Willoughby -Baptist Press)

Here’s an update on the Jena revival began on Feb. 17 in a Jena, Louisiana Baptist church which didn’t even have a pastor at the time. Now it has spread across racial lines and is bring healing to a community that was severely divided by a racial incident at the Jena highschool.

Last year, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton led a rally in this town of 3,000 that saw some 20,000 people descend upon Jena in support of “Jena Six”. Now in the same field, a tent holding 1,000 has been set up for the continuing revival.

L&A Baptist Church pastor Jimmy Young said concerning the revival:

“In the Bible, seven is the number of completeness. God is doing a complete restoration and unification work here in Jena, so it is only fitting that the seventh week finds us at the same location where thousands gathered on Sept. 20 of last year.”

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