-Auburn University: ‘A Revival Is Happening’


Revival is happening at Auburn University. Over 5,000 attended a worship service and over 200 gave their lives to Christ and were later baptized in an impromptu baptismal service in a lake that followed. CBN News:

More than 5,000 people showed up to Unite Auburn’s “Night of Worship”. The campus ministry’s outreach was created to bring the Alabama school’s Christian community together for a night of worship. It featured guest speakers New York Times Best Selling Author Jennie Allen and Pastor Jonathan Pokluda and worship was led by Passion Music.

Allen shared on Instagram that toward the end of the night, she felt led to ask students if they wanted to be baptized.

“I finished a message at Auburn and was off stage and a student texted the pastor beside me they wanted to be baptized tonight. So I went back on stage and asked if anyone else wanted to trust Christ and be baptized,” she explained. …

“Dozens raised their hands,” Allen added.

There wasn’t a tub to baptize the students, so thousands of people headed over to a lake at Auburn’s Red Barn.

“They circled the lake and 6-10 of us were in the water baptizing hundreds,” Allen described.

Response: Revival broke out at Asbury University earlier this year and later at Lee University, and Samford University. Since then God has been moving on college campuses all over America. Auburn University is the latest.