-Revival at Florida State University


                                        (Image From: Wikipedia)

A major revival has broken out at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Know as a major ‘party school’ now the on-going celebration is all about Jesus. According to a report thousands attended worship services with hundreds coming to Jesus and being baptized in a school fountain. From CBN:

“4,500 Florida State University (one of the biggest party schools in the nation) students confessed struggles and sin tonight. Hundreds came forward to trust Christ…singing and dancing as they head to spontaneous baptisms…”

Response:  FSU is the latest college and university in America to experience this on-going revival. It has been spreading in schools, churches, and on college campuses all across the nation with thousands dedicating their lives to Jesus in the last year. It all started last year in February 2023 at Asbury University and continues here and there and will continue until it touches thousands of places all across America and Canada.