-Zambia: Crusades Bring Over 1 Million to Christ

Location of Zambia

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Christ for All Nations held crusades in 11 cities in Zambia at the same time in May (2023) that saw 1,040,720 come to Christ in a 2 week period. Here’s a link to an exclusive interview with Charisma News, Christ for All Nations’ Macoby Donaldson on you tube. The following are quotes from the interview printed in Charisma News:

“We did 11 crusades in a two-week period,” Donaldson said. “And we did it for what normally would cost the same as one crusade because there’s something special.”…”It’s something that when you’re on that field with the masses of people and there’s deliverance and there’s breakthrough and there’s freedom,” Donaldson said. “There’s such an overwhelming presence of joy.”

“You may think you’re unqualified to lead people to Christ or to preach on stage or take testimonies in front of hundreds of thousands,” Donaldson said. “But it still is like the harvest is outgrowing the harvesters…it’s almost like a mentality. It’s more like, the harvest becomes wider and wider.”

The 11 crusades were conducted by new ‘Evangelists’ trained by Christ for the Nations last fall. The results were obviously supernatural and a good example of The Great Harvest currently in action taking the Gospel to every nation. Praise the Lord!

-Tough Times? Time to Praise The Lord!


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Here’s a timely message from Habakkuk 3:17-19:

Habakkuk Rejoices in the Lord

17 Though the fig tree should not blossom,
nor fruit be on the vines,
the produce of the olive fail
and the fields yield no food,
the flock be cut off from the fold
and there be no herd in the stalls,

18 yet I will rejoice in the Lord;
I will take joy in the God of my salvation.

19 God, the Lord, is my strength;
he makes my feet like the deer’s;
he makes me tread on my high places.

To the choirmaster: with stringed instruments. –ESV

The passage reminds me of a book I read years ago, and then again recently, and highly recommend: “Prison To Praise” by Merlin Carothers.

Just like the Habakkuk passage, the book testifies about how we need to be praising God no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. How praise can change the very dynamics of our living and bring us closer to our Father. Just like prayer changes things, so does praise.

Here’s my favorite NT scripture with this same message- I Thessalonians 5:17-18:

17 pray without ceasing,

18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. –ESV

The greatest example of this teaching that I can think of is Paul and Silas in prison singing praises after being beaten (Acts 16:-40). It was the very worst of circumstances, but praise changed everything. An incredible story that we should take to heart and never forget. Praise the Lord!

-Is Churchianity Getting in the Way of Revival?


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Is Churchianity getting in the way of revival? I believe that it is.

We all have pre-conceived ideas about how God can move among us and bring revival. For most Christians it is confined to the 4 walls of a church building or maybe a special tent or conference. Even when we go to the streets we take our Christian culture, language, and music with us.

But what if God really wanted to do something different in our midst? Well we have a myriad of ‘heresy hunters’ to take care of and discount that potential turn of events. Fact is, every Revival has been different and every one of them made the church uncomfortable.

After all, we might want revival but most American Evangelicals expect it to come during a 20 minute sermon surrounded  by 3 hymns and a couple of prayers with an offering in the middle. Plus it better be over in exactly on the hour cause the next service starts when the big hand strikes 12.

Of course I am being ridiculous but mix in your own form of worship and church structure or denominational traditions and see where God is really allowed to move. I believe this is why God is continuing to shake up the church and even allowed it to be bullied and shut down during COVID. And in the aftermath, over 20-30% of the members have never come back.  Actually, we are at the point where the church in America needs revival to survive.

What if he wants to move downtown on main street or in the neighborhoods, or maybe at your work or business? What would that look like and how would the church respond?

So God starts a revival in a Methodist university and a prayer service lasts for more than two weeks. Who would have guessed or expected that? Eventually they ‘had’ to go back to the regular college business of teaching classes. But it proves that if it can happen there it can happen anywhere and even near you. This is just the beginning.

-Revival Breaking Out at Youth Fire Week


A report of revival breaking out at Youth Fire Week in Tampa Bay, Florida.  From:

Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne

·What a night! Over 2,600 teenagers filled the pavilion & over 600 answered the altar call tonight at opening night of Youth Fire Week!

We can’t wait to see you the rest of the week at 9:30 AM & 7 PM!

The services can be watched on RevivalTV: https://www.revivaltv.com/browse

-Sedalia Revival: Saturday Night & Sunday Celebration


Sedalia Revival: Saturday Night over 1,000 showed up for the final service. So did the Holy Spirit.

Then Sunday there was a picnic and pool party plus a baptism service. It was an incredible atmosphere where hundreds of folks from a bunch of different churches ate and rejoiced together in recreation.

As those of us in ministry and leadership rejoiced; we informally met together and we talked about this weeks revival. The responses were all the same: the Holy Spirit showed up and a new foundation for unity among Christians in Sedalia had been laid. Also, ‘more’ was a word I heard over and over again.

But everyone I talked to agreed that this was just the beginning and we all can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do next in our community. There seemed to be a consensus that the planning and prayer meetings for the pastors and leaders needed to continue and let the Lord continue to move in our midst.

Many were saying that they were hoping to see a revival among the youth and in the schools soon and maybe some kind of ministry during the Missouri State Fair which is held here in Sedalia in August. Come Holy Spirit and continue to hover over our city and area.

-Sedalia Revival: The Third Night


There was a huge Thunderstorm in Sedalia last night that affected attendance to the Revival. The storm had winds up to 70 mph and did a lot of damage in KC and the surrounding area but circled around and missed the Revival site. Early on, winds began pull up the tent along with the poles and pegs but after prayer we received only some rain. And there was a double rainbow at the end of the storm- Praise the Lord! 

Over 600 came anyway

590 in the main tent

43 in the children’s tent

16 baptisms

lots of folks prayed for

And a Double rainbow!

The Holy Spirit showed up again! Come tonight (7/15) at 7pm and experience the incredible worship music, testimonies, preaching, and a unique time in the presence of the Lord Jesus and his Holy Spirit.

-Sedalia Revival: The Second Night


Over 800 attended the second night (Thursday 7/13) of the Sedalia Revival.

790 in the main tent

65 in the children’s tent

1750 viewed it on Facebook live

Many received prayer

Some were healed

and 2 Salvations

The Holy Spirit was flowing and many were blessed in untold ways. The focus tonight seems to have been on receiving prayer for more of God, for help with difficulties, and for healing. I believe that there will be many testimonies of blessing and healing coming out of tonight and in the coming services.

Come tonight at 7pm and experience what God is doing for yourself-

-Sedalia Revival: The First Night



I believe that the first first night (Wed. 7/12) of the Sedalia Revival was a blessed event. Over 900 showed up but more importantly so did the Holy Spirit. Tears came to my eyes as the evening progressed—I commented to one of the leaders:

This is what I have been waiting for all of my life.

Here’s the official counts for the first night:

902 people in the main tent
70 in the children’s tent
8 salvations
5 baptisms
1 child dedication
Plus many folks were prayed for.

I have been praying for Revival for years. In 2015 we stopped in Sedalia to visit some relatives, figuring that we would only be here for 3 days or so. But the Lord had different plans for us and we are still here—because he told me that this is where our destiny is and that revival would come here in Sedalia and I would be a part of it.

I believe that last night was just the beginning of a Move of God that will begin with this series and carry on with many future events to come. I believe that all of the churches in this city and area will begin to be blessed in an uncommon way with the Holy Spirit; including healings, and miracles like never before. I also believe that coming soon there will a major Move among the youth in this city and the surrounding area. Come Holy Spirit.

Come tonight at 7pm and experience it for yourself.

-Sedalia MO: Ready for Revival


REVIVAL SEDALIA! City-wide Revival. Starting Wednesday, July 12, 2023 – July 16, 2023, every night at 7:00 p.m.

@Northwest corner of 65 Hwy and Eagle View Drive, Sedalia, MO

The pastors and leaders of more than seven churches and five ministries are sponsoring a tent revival in Sedalia ,Missouri. The meetings and preparation leading up to this event have been abundantly blessed by the Holy Spirit. The Words received from the Lord about this series: “Let me do it” and “It will be done with little effort”

Those words have been true in all the details in the preparation; as one group and business after another volunteered their products and services when they heard about the revival. It has been amazing—God is doing this and we are expecting a major move of God in Sedalia this week.

We will be posting about the services. Come Holy Spirit.


-Nearly 7,000 Accept Christ During Harvest Crusade


The 34th annual ‘Harvest Crusade,’ held at the Honda Center in Anaheim CA, saw nearly 7,000 people come to Christ in the two day event (July 1-2, 2023) headed by pastor Greg Laurie.

Here’s what Pastor Laurie had to say about the atmosphere during the services:

“There was an electric, revival-like atmosphere in that room both nights. You could sense God’s presence,” Laurie said in a press release sent to Christian Headlines.

“We had an incredible immersive worship experience in the round,” Laurie said. “Thousands of people were turned away each night because every seat was taken by excited believers who wanted to worship. At the same time, this was our most effective evangelistic event that we perhaps have ever had.”

Note that 270 churches from the area participated and partnered in the event. Also the worship music was provided by Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, Taya, Phil Wickham and the Passion worship band.

When Greg Laurie says that: “this was our most effective evangelistic event that we perhaps have ever had,” we should really pay attention. I believe that God is beginning to move in a special way all across America.

Read the whole article on Crosswalk.com.